ProveIT! Community

Why I wear Prove It?

Prove It began as a life mantra or a positive slogan for Mike Calmese, the company founder who wanted to impart to all athletes an empowering message. I wear Prove It! because of their top of the line quality sportswear and to send out an inspirational message to all the aspiring athletes and to anyone who needs to hear it that all they have to do is work hard and to aim to keep proving it to themselves, families and to their supporters by excelling in the sports or whatever activity they love.

What Prove It can help me?

Prove It is an empowering message not just to the athlete wearing the clothing but to anyone who can read it. It reinforces a big positive message that you can be a winner all the time but you have to keep proving it every day by working hard and giving it your best. We all need to have a piece of reminder in a form of a strong positive slogan that we can always repeat in our head so we can mentally prepare for the challenges ahead of us, and Prove It! gives this and much more.

When I wear Prove It!

When I wear Prove It! I feel empowered. I feel that the positive message when I wear any of the clothes from the brand envelopes my entire psyche and mental aspect that it gives me a sense of calm that helps me confidently handle the tough task before me, because I have to face it head on and prove to myself that my fears or doubts are my biggest challenge, and I have to rise up.

Where I wear Prove It!

I wear Prove It! to sporting events like basketball, football, baseball, golf and many others with a powerful message that reinforces me to believe I am already a winner in all the challenges I face be it in sports or other things in life. The quality of the clothing and the accessories is guaranteed hundred percent on point and perfect for all sporting occasions.